ClipSee allows easy hands-free smartphone use while driving

by Leigh Anne Varney on July 26, 2014

79bf7d5a22e5562a647391559d362ff5The National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration says that at any given minute across America, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or fooling with electronic devices while they are driving. In 2011, nearly half a million Americans were injured in motor vehicle crashes when a driver was distracted. Now, distracted can mean anything from grooming to eating and of course texting or dialing a mobile phone.

Acoustic Gadgets, LLC, makers of acoustic accessories has debuted the ClipSee.

What is the ClipSee? It’s the world¹s first hands-free, battery-free, wire-free gadget that not only allows you to keep your hands free when you drive, but it’s design amplifies call sound by about three times for phones while getting rid of background noise like blowing wind and those pesky traffic sounds.

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Audio Has Finally Come of Age

by Leigh Anne Varney on June 18, 2014

wiredLeave it to Apple to stir it up again. Last week’s completion of the Beats purchase sends a loud and clear message. Audio has finally come of age.
Great audio. No, scratch that. Awesome audio and custom audio services will drive entertainment forward from here on out. It’s been tuning up for awhile — like a multi-layered track laid down at Abbey Road Studios — and woe to the consumer device maker who misses this wave of innovation that is washing up on hardware and software.

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The Chip that will Change the Mobile Market

May 28, 2014

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StrongLoop data sync and replication for mobile apps requiring APIs

May 28, 2014

Article by Adrian Bridgwater Node.js solutions company StrongLoop is now providing replication and offline synchronization in its LoopBack API framework. Loopback is an open source API framework written in Node.js used to connect devices to enterprise data sources. This new functionality is available for Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and any LoopBack connector, which […]

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Cover story, interview and article about Sonic Emotion in EEWeb Pulse

April 29, 2014

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StrongLoop Updates Its DevOps solution

April 18, 2014

StrongLoop updates its DevOps solution, StrongOps 2.0, with new cluster management, error reporting and other features. StrongLoop, a provider of Node.js solutions, has announced the general availability of StrongOps 2.0, a Node.js-specific application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that includes both monitoring and DevOps capabilities for Linux, Windows and Mac. Node.js continues to gain popularity for […]

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