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FCC repeals net neutrality amid criticism from politicians, startups

FCC repeals net neutrality amid criticism from politicians, startups

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality regulations that guaranteed equal access to the Internet, a controversial reversal that drew swift rebuke by companies and politicians in the Bay Area, where many advocates for the rules said they counted on them to protect Internet users and foster the growth of startups. […]

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One man’s DIY Internet service connects isolated Marin County hamlet

Brandt Kuykendall’s daughter needed fast Internet access to help her excel at school. But he couldn’t find cheap, reliable service that would connect their scenic yet secluded coastal Marin County home. So Kuykendall taught himself how to create a high-speed wireless Internet service. In about a year and a half, Dillon Beach Internet Service has […]

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CounterTack Nabs $20M, Predicts More Demand After Trump Cyber Order

[Updated 5/30/17, 9:39 am. See below.] Cybersecurity firm CounterTack announced today it has expanded its coffers with a new $20 million funding round from investors. It could be good timing for the Waltham, MA-based company. The recent WannaCry ransomware cyber attack and President Donald Trump’s executive order laying out federal cybersecurity priorities could spell new […]

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Uber may tune into Spotify IPO

Fortune scribe Adam Lashinsky has a new book out out on Uber, and toward the end includes this anecdote from a private plane trip in China last summer: “Kalanick loves nothing more than to bat around ideas, the zanier the better. He wonders aloud to Emil Michael, his top deal-maker and fund-raiser, if Uber could […]

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Google, Intertrust launch program to defend startups from patent lawsuits — in exchange for equity

Google and Intertrust on Tuesday launched a program to help startups protect themselves against patent litigation. In exchange, the startups will give up an equity stake. Startups that join PatentShield, as the program is called, will receive ownership of a selection of patents from the Google and Intertrust portfolio, the companies said. Link to article

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PatentShield is Google’s attempt at letting startups fight against patent litigations

The Tech Portal: Patent litigations are drawn out and messy affairs. No company wants to be taken to courts regarding its patents. That is particularly true when you are a startup. Along the same, Google has announced the launch of  PatentShield. As the name implies, this is something that will protect you from unnecessary patent […]

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Chaos in the enterprise: How digital transformation drives agility, continuous development

To achieve digital transformation, new IT technologies, processes, applications, systems and protocols need to be adopted and updated on a regular basis In today’s data-driven economy, consumer expectations for services anywhere, anytime have led to a need for organizations to become more agile and increase their speed of deliver exponentially. Gone are the days when […]

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Is your digital transformation strategy prepared for IoT?

Digital transformation (DX) is a trend that continues to sweep across industry sectors, supporting the shift from physical to digital assets and the adoption of new data-driven business models. Countless internet brands — including Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb and Uber — have already redefined business models in their respective industries, and organizations around the globe are […]

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