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One man’s DIY Internet service connects isolated Marin County hamlet

Brandt Kuykendall’s daughter needed fast Internet access to help her excel at school. But he couldn’t find cheap, reliable service that would connect their scenic yet secluded coastal Marin County home. So Kuykendall taught himself how to create a high-speed wireless Internet service. In about a year and a half, Dillon Beach Internet Service has […]

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Small Business Wi-Fi Without the Worry

Businesses and consumers expect a lot from Wi-Fi networks, and both the number and variety of wireless devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones, sensors—continue to increase. Tom Clavel, product manager at Ruckus Wireless, says that as more people come to rely on mobile devices and apps, they count on finding wireless networks to help them locate the products they […]

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GigaOm Pundit Suggests Enterprises Have Gone From Hadoop to ‘Hadumping’

NEWS ANALYSIS:  Discussion at a GigaOm conference shows that Hadoop isn’t a big success when enterprises blindly compile huge volumes of disparate data without knowing what to do with it. I attended GigaOm’s Structure Data conference last year, and the conference was all about the promise of Hadoop, big data and unstructured data, which is […]

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RidePal to Help Bay Area Residents Commute

By JOSIE GARTHWAITE Google, Facebook, Apple and other major Silicon Valley companies have long offered their commuting employees complimentary seats aboard luxurious, Wi-Fi-equipped shuttle buses. The services have become valuable recruiting tools for the companies and a boon for some property owners in neighborhoods close to shuttle stops. RidePal, a company that recently began a […]

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Demo Fall Shows Products Aimed at Small Business

Michael J. Miller’s Forward Thinking Schedulicity has actually been offering businesses a way to manage their schedules online for a while. Ideal for businesses that typically require appointments, like health clubs and dance studios, Schedulicity has features like a Facebook widget to book appointments. At the Demo conference, the company added a new feature called […]

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Why didn’t I think of this?

Schedulicity is being social director and an appointment administrator for small business owners.  Imagine using Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, or Living Social for generating new and existing client bookings.  Or no matter what mobile device that you use, you can with little effort going up and down your deck and a few clicks on your command.  […]

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CES 2011: Lunch at Pieros

Each year, Pat Meier-Johnson hosts a two-day lunchtime event at Piero’s, a classy Italian restaurant across catty-corner from the Las Vegas Convention Center. There, many companies from around the word — most notably VIA and D-Link — show off their wares in a more intimate setting than the show floor. I visited these exhibits and […]

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bitbop for Android

Whether the topic is watching content on your cell phone, getting social with your viewing habits, or possible integration between your mobile gadget and living room entertainment center, television has become a very popular topic on tech and mobile blogs. And while most of this recent news has been centered around the television screen, there’s […]

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