Marinexplore Raises $1.4M in Seed

Posted on: October 17, 2012 Marinexplore, which operates a big data platform to catalog information on the world’s oceans, has raised a seed funding round led by Intertrust Technologies Corp. and several individual investors. The company tells peHUB that the amount of the seed round is $1.4 million. Marinexplore, founded earlier this year, aims to provide a one-stop destination for public marine data, based on crowdsourced collection and distributed on a 3D structure. Accessing the data is free and the bulk of users are oceanographers, reseachers, marine biologists and others.

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Marinexplore Closes Seed Funding Round

Posted on: October 18, 2012 Marinexplore, a big data collaboration platform for searching, analyzing and collaborating with ocean data, has closed its seed funding round led by Intertrust Technologies Corporation. Other participants of this round include private investors from Silicon Valley, Singapore, Norway and Estonia, including Fredrik Astrup, offshore entrepreneur Lars Erik Baustad, Marek Kiisa (Astrec Invest, first investor of GrabCAD) and Ivar Siimar (WNB, investor in Defendec smart dust technology and other cleantech companies).

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