New Mind-Blowing 3D Mapping for iPad

New Mind-Blowing 3D Mapping Technology for iPad [CES 2011] in Software by Cult of Mac January 07, 2011 – LAS VEGAS, CES 2011 — Check out this simply stunning 3D-mapping technology from Swedish-based C3 Technologies that elicited a uniform reaction of “holy %$*@!” from us when we saw it. One reason for its precision is […]

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CES in Las Vegas Lunch

Lunch at Piero’s during CES 2011 is about quality, productive time between companies and reporters from all media, new, social and traditional: major print publications, broadcast media, influential bloggers and tweeters. It takes place during the day, when reporters are work mode, just steps away from the Las Vegas Convention Center but far from the […]

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Sococo takes Sims to the next level: Efficiency at work

It was 2006 and David Van Wie was frustrated. The serial tech entrepreneur had been working with law, accounting, software and other parties across the nation trying to engineer a merger. He had hundreds of e-mails, multiple versions of edited attachments, saved voicemails, instant messages and chat histories cataloging the back and forth required for […]

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Just When You Thought The Mobisode Was Dead…

From It’s been a long time since News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). dared create original programming expressly for mobile viewing in the U.S., but it’s back. Bitbop, an app from Fox Mobile Group for Blackberry and Android smartphones that offers full-length TV shows for $9.99 per month, has ordered eight episodes of the original comedy […]

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Pay TV and At-Home Movies, by the numbers

Time Magazine Online by Brad Tuttle Here’s a big roundup of statistics revealing just how much we love watching TV and movies at home, how much couch potatoes are willing to pay for such services, and also where it looks like things are heading from here… $10 The monthly fee demanded for “premium” mobile TV […]

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Sococo Offers A Virtual View for Office Workers

The Wall Street Journal/By Don Clark Technology is helpful at work. But sometimes the best thing is to just stand up and peer over your cubicle to see who’s at their desk, who’s on the phone and who’s in a meeting. Sococo tries to simulate that experience–even for people who aren’t in the same office. […]

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10 Hot Emerging Vendors For October 2010

Company: Sococo Tech Sector: Networking Key Product: Team Space The Lowdown: Sococo, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup, is adding a new wrinkle to the virtual office, one it believes will appeal to businesses with distributed workforces. The company’s first commercial service, called Team Space, organizes employees in a virtual office that’s segmented by desks, conference […]

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Reid Genauer, from Bitbop

During DEMO Fall 2010, one of the presenters, Reid Genauer, from Bitbop and Fox Mobile Group, helped InLab Ventures create their very own Venture Capital 3.0 Theme Song. It’s an entrepreneurial ballad about the broken wheel of venture capital needing a new spoke. Big thanks to Reid for the creativity and inspiration!

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Fall 2010: 4 Social Startups to Watch

3. Sococo Team Space What it is: Soococo is a communication service that helps distributed teams communicate more effectively. Its home screen is a virtual layout of an office with individual cubes occupied by employees who login remotely. Visual cues show you who’s in the office, who’s busy, who’s free and who’s meeting with whom. […]

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Sococo will let you detect sarcasm over the Internet

Sococo is one of 70 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Fall 2010 event taking place this week in Silicon Valley. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective. Most of a conversation is made up in body language and tone. Unfortunately for the […]

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cc:betty sold to MySpace

Threadbox, a startup that helped users organize their communication, announced today that it has finished a deal with MySpace, whereby MySpace will acquire some of its technology and hire some of its team. We broke the news in July that talks were underway between MySpace and Threadbox. The Threadbox service shut down in early August, […]

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bitbop for Android

Whether the topic is watching content on your cell phone, getting social with your viewing habits, or possible integration between your mobile gadget and living room entertainment center, television has become a very popular topic on tech and mobile blogs. And while most of this recent news has been centered around the television screen, there’s […]

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TV on a PC or Phone Has Some Drawbacks

Sure, cutting off cable service sounds promising, if only for the money you’ll save. But online TV is so fragmented and incomplete that finding a favorite show can be difficult. Watching a compete season of shows, particularly if you want those shows without paying for them, is even harder. Nevertheless, I was able to find […]

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