10 Hot Emerging Vendors For October 2010

Company: Sococo Tech Sector: Networking Key Product: Team Space The Lowdown: Sococo, a Mountain View, Calif.-based startup, is adding a new wrinkle to the virtual office, one it believes will appeal to businesses with distributed workforces. The company’s first commercial service, called Team Space, organizes employees in a virtual office that’s segmented by desks, conference […]

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Reid Genauer, from Bitbop

During DEMO Fall 2010, one of the presenters, Reid Genauer, from Bitbop and Fox Mobile Group, helped InLab Ventures create their very own Venture Capital 3.0 Theme Song. It’s an entrepreneurial ballad about the broken wheel of venture capital needing a new spoke. Big thanks to Reid for the creativity and inspiration!

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Fall 2010: 4 Social Startups to Watch

3. Sococo Team Space What it is: Soococo is a communication service that helps distributed teams communicate more effectively. Its home screen is a virtual layout of an office with individual cubes occupied by employees who login remotely. Visual cues show you who’s in the office, who’s busy, who’s free and who’s meeting with whom. […]

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Sococo will let you detect sarcasm over the Internet

Sococo is one of 70 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Fall 2010 event taking place this week in Silicon Valley. After our selection, the companies pay a fee to present. Our coverage of them remains objective. Most of a conversation is made up in body language and tone. Unfortunately for the […]

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cc:betty sold to MySpace

Threadbox, a startup that helped users organize their communication, announced today that it has finished a deal with MySpace, whereby MySpace will acquire some of its technology and hire some of its team. We broke the news in July that talks were underway between MySpace and Threadbox. The Threadbox service shut down in early August, […]

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bitbop for Android

Whether the topic is watching content on your cell phone, getting social with your viewing habits, or possible integration between your mobile gadget and living room entertainment center, television has become a very popular topic on tech and mobile blogs. And while most of this recent news has been centered around the television screen, there’s […]

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TV on a PC or Phone Has Some Drawbacks

Sure, cutting off cable service sounds promising, if only for the money you’ll save. But online TV is so fragmented and incomplete that finding a favorite show can be difficult. Watching a compete season of shows, particularly if you want those shows without paying for them, is even harder. Nevertheless, I was able to find […]

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So Much for Free as Business Model

With its media company parents breathing down its neck to turn a profit, the online video site Hulu announced a subscription service today that charges $9.99 a month for access to older episodes of popular television shows. Screen shot of Hulu Plus on the iPad (Credit: CNET) The more recent episodes of the shows will […]

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Bitbop To Follow BlackBerry Debut With Android Test

David Kaplan Bitbop, Fox Mobile’s subscription-based TV program showcase, has made its debut on Research in Motion’s BlackBerry this week and is now preparing to begin beta tests on Google’s Android system. The beta will launch in two weeks, Joe Bilman, Fox Mobile’s EVP, Global Products, told paidContent in an interview. In addition, Bitbop is […]

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Bitbop aims to take on FloTV, Sling with Blackberry exclusive mobile entertainment service

News Corp-owned subsidiary Fox Mobile Group launched late Wednesday its fee-based Bitbop mobile entertainment service, aiming to compete with the likes of Sling and FloTV in offering entertainment on the go. Bitbop has launched exclusively on the BlackBerry platform, although company representatives told BetaNews that versions of the application will be made available for the […]

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Hands-on: BitBop streaming TV and movies for Android

While streaming music apps like MOG and GrooveShark continue to soak up the lion’s share of attention in the streaming media space, apps like BitBop are gaining traction for their ability to stream video (TV and movies) over 3G and WiFi networks. BitBop for Android is still strictly in beta and not yet available for […]

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Audiences, and Hollywood, Flock to Smartphones

By BRIAN STELTER It might be hard to imagine watching “The Office” on a screen no bigger than a business card. But tens of thousands of people — by the most conservative estimate — are already doing just that. As Hollywood shrinks its films and television shows for the small screens of cellphones, its assumptions […]

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