Controlling Chaos: DevOps And Digital Transformation

Combined with DevOps, the rapid pace of digital service development creates challenges for enterprises. Most enterprises have already begun shifting their strategies to align with their current environment, which leverages the value of data more than that of physical assets, and sees all industries increasingly powered by and reliant on digital information technology and processes. […]

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Stand-alone servers are alone no more

Hyper-converged infrastructure has shaken up the server market, and stand-alone servers are certainly on “Treacherous Ground.” The stand-alone server has been replaced by integrated appliances faster than it took you to read this sentence. And recent trends show that more bundling and integration is the future of data center hardware. Read the article  

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Bain Capital Ventures funds Cloudistics

Reston, Virginia-based Cloudistics, a provider of a superconverged enterprise cloud platform, announced that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding. Bain Capital Ventures led the round. Ben Nye, managing director at Bain Capital Ventures, will join the company board as a result of the funding. The company was previously self-funded by the co-founders. Link to read […]

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These Are the Cyberweapons Used to Hack Sony

In late November 2014, a mysterious group of hackers calling itself “God’sApstls” sent an ominous and jumbled email to a few high-level Sony Pictures executives. “The compensation for it, monetary compensation we want,” the hackers wrote. “Pay the damage, or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole.” Read the article

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The hackers that took down Sony Pictures are still on the attack, researchers say

After Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked shortly before Thanksgiving of 2014, the attackers – who dubbed themselves the “Guardians of Peace” – went quiet. Or so it seemed. But now researchers say they’ve linked the attackers – whom the U.S. government has said were directed by North Korea — to a chameleon-like group active since at […]

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Ruckus Tackles In-Building Cellular Problem

New OpenG technology uses Citizens Broadband Radio Service in the 3.5 GHz spectrum. There has always been industry interest in somehow leveraging the distributed enterprise WLAN to remedy the problem of poor in-building cell coverage, but past attempts have never really gotten off the ground. Ruckus Wireless has introduced a new technology that leverages fresh […]

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Think Tank: Thinking Outside the Box

Does this scenario sound familiar? You can’t open your front door because there are so many UPS and FedEx boxes blocking the entryway. You lug in all the packages, open them up, and lay out your haul — toilet paper, diapers and toothbrushes in one box. The new Jonathan Franzen book in another. read the […]

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Small Business Wi-Fi Without the Worry

Businesses and consumers expect a lot from Wi-Fi networks, and both the number and variety of wireless devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones, sensors—continue to increase. Tom Clavel, product manager at Ruckus Wireless, says that as more people come to rely on mobile devices and apps, they count on finding wireless networks to help them locate the products they […]

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Facebook, Amazon and Other Tech Giants Tighten Grip on Internet Economy

Online search, messaging, advertising, applications, computing and storage are delivered on demand By DON CLARK And  ROBERT MCMILLAN Updated Nov. 5, 2015 8:26 p.m. ET Computing hardware has long served as the critical backbone of business operations. Today, the Internet economy is powered by an infrastructure that has become virtual, and is controlled by a […]

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