Ruckus Tackles In-Building Cellular Problem

New OpenG technology uses Citizens Broadband Radio Service in the 3.5 GHz spectrum. There has always been industry interest in somehow leveraging the distributed enterprise WLAN to remedy the problem of poor in-building cell coverage, but past attempts have never really gotten off the ground. Ruckus Wireless has introduced a new technology that leverages fresh […]

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Think Tank: Thinking Outside the Box

Does this scenario sound familiar? You can’t open your front door because there are so many UPS and FedEx boxes blocking the entryway. You lug in all the packages, open them up, and lay out your haul — toilet paper, diapers and toothbrushes in one box. The new Jonathan Franzen book in another. read the […]

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Small Business Wi-Fi Without the Worry

Businesses and consumers expect a lot from Wi-Fi networks, and both the number and variety of wireless devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones, sensors—continue to increase. Tom Clavel, product manager at Ruckus Wireless, says that as more people come to rely on mobile devices and apps, they count on finding wireless networks to help them locate the products they […]

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Facebook, Amazon and Other Tech Giants Tighten Grip on Internet Economy

Online search, messaging, advertising, applications, computing and storage are delivered on demand By DON CLARK And  ROBERT MCMILLAN Updated Nov. 5, 2015 8:26 p.m. ET Computing hardware has long served as the critical backbone of business operations. Today, the Internet economy is powered by an infrastructure that has become virtual, and is controlled by a […]

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Nasdaq doubles down on trading unicorn shares

Nasdaq has doubled down on the market for private company shares, including those of the richly valued unicorns running herd through venture capital. In a transaction that sources say topped $10 million, the exchange’s subsidiary Nasdaq Private Markets acquired SecondMarket Solutions and said it would integrate the two organizations into a single transaction site for […]

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With Buyout, Xamarin Adds Java to its Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Portfolio

By David Ramel10/22/2015 Xamarin now claims to be the only cross-platform mobile development vendor that allows for native iOS and Android app creation in both C# and Java, having acquired technology for the latter language with an acquisition of Swedish company RoboVM. “The acquisition brings together the top two languages in enterprise development and a […]

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SharesPost 100 chief on how he helps common man get into startup investing

Sven Weber, the former president of SVB Capital at Silicon Valley Bank, these days is doing his venture investing for the moms and pops of the world who don’t have the wealth needed to legally invest in startups. As president of the San Francisco-based SharesPost 100 mutual fund, he buys up stakes in late-stage venture-backed businesses in hopes of cashing […]

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Aricent Buys SmartPlay

article by Rick Merritt SAN JOSE, Calif. – Design services firm Aricent acquired SmartPlay Technologies of Bangalore for an estimated $180 million. A rise in demand for custom versions of server chip sets is one of the opportunities the merged company will pursue. Read the article  

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Engineering Shortage Persists

Lower engineering salaries means managers should brace themselves for the revolving door, especially when 3-7-year itch kicks in. “Engineers are impossible to find,” says Frank Kern. He should know, as chief executive of product engineering firm Aricent he employs 11,000 software developers. Read the article by Rick Merritt

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Marketing technology is eating the customer journey

Marketing has evolved. Today’s marketers own more customer data and touchpoints than ever before, and more than any other department. New digital channels and devices — including search, social media, and mobile — have empowered consumers and complicated the customer journey. On each of these, consumers create unprecedented amounts of data about themselves and their […]

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