With the end of the quarter closing in, I wanted to take a step back and fill you all in on new research we have on the way. This quarter we looked at the evolution of Social Enterprise Apps, and their effect on the enterprise collaboration landscape. In today’s globally dispersed, fast-paced, highly mobile workplace, high performance teams need new tools — and social appears to fit the bill.

What exactly is a Social Enterprise App? At a high level, Social Enterprise Apps enable info workers to establish and view groups of people, information, and processes. With embedded peer rating and information feeds about employee skills, team member profiles, team objectives, and project progress, info workers gain a deeper understanding of team performance goals and results.

What features do they have, and how do they affect business processes?

Personal profiling identifies team members with the right skills.
Activity streams increase awareness of achievements and status.
Rating/voting enables learning from the accumulated knowledge of the team.

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