Varney Business Communication is a high technology public relations consultancy that helps you build leadership recognition in your target market.

History & Mission

Varney Business Communication was founded in 1994 to help companies and their management teams create and execute a focused business communications strategy.

After more than 24+ years in high technology public relations, Varney Business Communication is uniquely positioned to leverage the myriad nature of the media – i.e.: industry analysts, high-end journalists, influencers, thought-leaders, bloggers—with a company’s strategic goals.

Varney Business Communication believes in relationships and the process therein. The process takes time, patience, tenacity, and no small amount of good timing and luck.

While news is the oft-used tool, public relations is not just about garnering ink in major newspapers, trades, research reports, magazines, broadcast and the like. This intangible nature of public relations can be off-putting, especially in a negative economic climate.

Yet without a concerted and targeted business, blogger & trade press strategy, that dovetails and enhances ongoing marketing programs in your key vertical market, your company is vulnerable.

Varney Business Communication works in tandem with internal and external communications teams to deliver superior results that can help build a company’s brand over time.