Varney Business Communication works with clients to create a comprehensive yet targeted public relations plan which is based on customized strategy and positioning work.  We execute a focused communications program that includes Tier One media and analyst outreach in order to deliver superior results.

Strategy & Positioning 

Public relations is but one tool in a larger arsenal of marketing programs, however, since it's on the frontlines with the media, its success is completely dependent on a clear-cut corporate strategy. We work with you to determine the best strategy needed to achieve maximum results.

In a 24/7 world, where media comes in all shapes, sizes, and languages—both real & imagined—we help you navigate the morass. 

PR programs can range from a tactical & straightforward new product launch to a tweaking of current programs to an entire company-wide re-branding and re-positioning effort. 

Varney Business Communication helps you figure out the what, where, how, why, & when.